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More products online and Kenny's getting hitched.

Hey Peak Lovers.

We hope you've all had a fantastic holiday season and now that we're all back in the swing of things (hopefully), it's time to get 2017 rolling. 


Make sure to check out our new products before you checkout! (see what I did there?)

We've added our Swiss Chocolate Powder, Spiced Chai and Decaf Pods for you to buy, making the Peak experience at home even more enjoyable.


The new Origin of the Month is now available.

February brings us a unique offering from East Timor. We've just tipped some in the hopper at the Brew Lab and our regulars are very happy indeed. 

See the Origin of the Month in Buy Coffee for more details.


We're all glad to see the triumphant return of our very own Kenny (AKA Derek) from his sojourn to Japan. Ken was contracted to introduce some new cafe products to his home country and did so with gusto. 

Congratulations also to Ken and his gorgeous girl Jo, who was able to visit him in the land of the rising sun and returned with a ring on her finger! (insert romantic mental image of cherry blossoms here). We wish you both the best for the future.

Thanks again for visiting our website.

We value your support.



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