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Our new website!!!


Hi Peak Lovers. Welcome to our new and improved website.


We've taken your comments on-board and spent some time creating this new space which we hope will make it easier and more accessible for our loyal customers to navigate.


Some changes you'll notice...


The on-line store - Buy Coffee - tab now has our blends and single origin coffee in seperate sections. whether you drink your coffee with or without milk, there are plenty of options to choose from and a secure, streamlined shopping cart system which is much easier to check out from.


Keep your eye out for the Origin of the Month category as there will be a new offering each month for you to try. The recent Guatemala single-o sold out very quickly, so make sure to get in early.


Another new area to look out for is the Brewing Equipment page where we can keep you updated with all the latest products and brewing styles on offer. We don't just specialise in espresso, there are many old and new coffee brewing styles from Turkish coffee to Aeropress which we like to keep alive and kicking in the Brew Lab.


So thanks for your support both past and future and we look forward to supplying you with the best coffee we can provide.


Please feel free to provide feedback if there's anything you think we can do to improve the space. Email your comments and suggestions to


Once again thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy the coffee!


Best regards from The Brew Crew.

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