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Don Pepe - Rare Lot For International Coffee Day

Don Pepe - Panama Geisha

Peak Coffee Australia
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This is a very special and unique coffee we have released for International Coffee Day - 1 October 2021. 

The Don Pepe farm is strategically located in the foothills of Volcán Barú, specifically in the area of Volcancito (Boquete, Chiriquí); at an altitude of 1,500 to 2,000 meters above sea level.

They have 70 hectares of land: 59 of coffee cultivation and 11 of natural reserve.

The variety is a rare and much sought after coffee type called Geisha.

The Geisha variety originally came from Ethiopia. Now, the most well known geisha coffee now from a specific region in Panama. Panama due to it's climate and elevation is well placed to produce amazing crops of Geisha coffee. Geisha coffee is well known for its incredibly distinct flavour.

It is something all coffee lovers must try.

Our expert roasters have given this a light roast which suits the bean well. Typically geisha coffee is best enjoyed as a filter/pour over coffee, but can still be enjoyed as an espresso.

You can mix with milk, but it is not recommended.

We are releasing this as Whole Beans only as this coffee should be freshly ground.

Variety: Geisha
Grade: Specialty
Altitude: 1400-1700m
Moisture: 11%
Screen Size: 16+
Processing: Washed
Cupping Score: 89
Cupping Notes: Sweet and vibrant with outstanding citric notes and hints of green apple.

Our Time at the Done Pepe Farm