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Indonesia Java Jampit - December 2021 Roaster's Choice

Indonesia Java Jampit - December 2021 Roaster's Choice

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Jampit Estate

The Java Jampit Estate, on the Ijen Plateau in eastern Java, was founded in 1900 by the Netherlands-based Davit Bernie Administatie Office and is today managed by the state-owned enterprise PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII (often shortened to PTPN XII).

The crop cycle is 80 to 100 days, and coffee is harvested between June and September. At the Kalisat Jampit Factory, the cherry is fermented (anaerobic) for 36 hours, washed, rinsed and left with 8 to 10 per cent of fruit left on the bean when it is moved to patios for drying and later to raised beds for hand sorting.

The Jampit Estate is involved in programs that focus on plant healing and fertilization and benchmarking and improving productivity. It includes a washing station, drying patio, lab and cupping room, guest house and strawberry garden.

More Information

Tasting notes: Juicy, rock melon, dark chocolate

Region: Ijen Plateau, Eastern Java

Producer: Java Jampit Estate

Packing: 30kg GrainPro

Score: 80.5

Type: Arabica

Varietals: Mainly Typica

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 1150- 1600 MASL

Prep: Screen Size 16 - 19