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Peak Coffee is more than just your every-day coffee company.

Founded by Sean and Kristine Edwards, Peak Coffee brings a breadth of experience to the wholesale coffee supply chain.

Sean has been involved in the Australian café industry for over 20 years and is also the General Manager of Cafe Culture International.

He has been committed to the development of the Australian Barista Standards and travels the world uncovering new trends, emerging markets and sharpening the focus on the profitable and sustainable business side of the Cafe industry.

At Peak Coffee, we can provide to you:

Expertly roasted coffee that is loved by consumers.

Other cafe beverages. Such as tea, Superfood Elixirs and Alternative milk.

We have three dedicated technicians employed to help you with keeping your coffee machine up and running.

Assistance in how to grow your cafe into a profitable business, e.g. social media consulting.