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Classic Combo Bundle - Coffee and Milk

Classic Combo Bundle - Coffee and Milk

Peak Coffee Australia
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Coffee and milk... it's a classic combo!

Please note: Delivery to Port Macquarie-Hastings region only.

For a limited time only, we are offering this special bundle for all your at home coffee needs.

1kg bag of your coffee of choice plus a 2L bottle of full cream milk from Little Big Dairy Co.  

Select your coffee, then you can get the 2L milk for $2, reduced from $5.

We will send direct to your home without any shipping cost.

At Peak Coffee, we are fuelled by our dedication to make it possible for all Aussies to love their coffee at home.


Little Big Dairy Co

The highest quality, deliciously creamy, single source milk on the market. Like all our products, this award winner is traceable back to the very cow that made it. 

This milk won GOLD a the Sydney Royal show in 2020.

Alternative Dairy Co

Alternative by nature, our plant-based milks are crafted for baristas. Welcome to the superlative alternative to dairy.


Premium Blend

Our Premium Blend is comprised of the highest quality direct trade, farm gate coffee sourced from our two favourite farms.

Thalanar Estate in Tamil Nadu, India and La Herrera in Tolima, Colombia.

Roasted to suit the seasons, our Premium Blend is rich in flavour with a spicy, nutty, butterscotch character and a full bodied dark chocolate finish.

The top of the range for the coffee connoisseur in us all.

Daily Ritual

Daily Ritual is our popular house espresso blend used in our cafes.

A four combination of Arabica coffee grown, picked and processed in India, Colombia, Guatemala and Papua New Guinea. Designed with the milk based espresso drinker in mind, Daily Ritual will also serve well as a short long black coffee.

Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Sweet fruity notes with a lingering caramel aftertaste.

Fairtrade Organic

This certified Fair Trade Organic blend is made up of high grade arabica and robusta beans from Honduras, Peru and Mexico.

A rich, full flavoured coffee, which performs very well in domestic espresso machines.

It displays intense cigar smokiness with deep chocolate notes and a sweet background flavour in body and aftertaste.

Indian Single Origin

Thalanar Estate, or Elephant Hills as it's known to the locals, can be found in the mountains not far from the township of Valparai in Tamil Nadu, India.

After a long, winding drive up the mountain through endless tea plantations, you'll probably miss the turn off. There under the canopy of rain forrest, lies a small community of dedicated coffee farmers, headed up by Uncle Ravi who inherited the farm from his father.

To experience this plantation with it abundance of wildlife is truely a treasure for your memory.

The beans are of exceptional quality and make up the majority of those roasted here at Peak Coffee. Spicy, nutty and smooth on the finish, we hope you'll enjoy this coffee as much as we do.

Wild Child

Our newest blend Wild Child has been developed to provide a massive fruit punch flavour! It perfect for both Milk and Filter style coffee.

Tasting Notes: Thick buttery body with flavours of Red Apple, and sweet Fruit Wine. Finishes with Plum and Blood Oranges.

This is a coffee you just have to try!