Your one-stop shop for contract roasting

We can source green beans, curate a custom roast, design bespoke labels, order bags and print labels in-house for your business.

  • Green Bean Sourcing

    We source green beans from the best farms in the world and also have our own farm, located in India so you can be sure you have the best product at a reasonable price.

  • Award-Winning Coffee Roasting

    Our master roaster has over 10 years experience in the coffee industry and can work directly with you on a custom, bespoke roast that reflects who you are as a business. We have won multiple coffee roasting awards.

  • Packaging

    A design team just for you. We have in-house designers that can create your own private label. We have close relationships with packaging suppliers so can also source bags and packaging to suit your needs.

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Take control of your coffee destiny with Peak Coffee

Peak Coffee is more than just your normal coffee roaster. We also run Cafe Culture, an international magazine for the Cafe and coffee industry. We also run the Golden Bean competition in North America and Australia. With our contract roasting, you will have access to not only roasting, but also the business expertise of a multi-national media conglomerate.

Coffee Roasting

You will have access to our existing range of blends to white lable, or if you prefer you can build your own custom blend to your preferred price point.

Our roaster is full capable of roasting all different types of beans at all different types of roast levels.

It is truly a state-of-the-art roasting machine dedicated to you.

Master Roaster

Ainsley Harrison is an award-winning roaster with over ten years of experience in the coffee industry.

He is an accreddited Q-Grader and is the head scientist of the Golden Bean competition.

Ainsley is currently undertaking his PhD through the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence– (CQC2T).

Ainsley is a proven top-tier coffee roaster who has won multiple competitions.

Private Label Coffee

A design team just for you.

We have a team of designers in-house to help you design the label or coffee bag to suit your business.

With ready-to-go templates for quick turn around time and a range of creative options to bring your brand front and center.

Business tips to drive your success

More than just a coffee roaster, we have the industry experience to offer you a mentor program through all stages of your business.

Whether it is recommendations on suppliers, store layout, how to connect to your customer, we will work closely with you to offer a solution.

Crop to Cup

Our coffee farm in India supports over 200 families, and is used in our famous Daily Ritual espresso blend. We are truly "crop to cup".

So you can be sure that we know our product is the best it can be right down to the soil the coffee beans are grown in.

Grow equity in your business

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