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India - Monsooned Malabar April 2024 Roasters Choice

India - Monsooned Malabar April 2024 Roasters Choice

Peak Coffee Australia

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Long-time fans of Peak Coffee know that we occasionally release an Indian-grown coffee that has undergone the 'monsooning' process. This process replicates the conditions of being in a wooden ship's hull at sea.

In the past, the journey from India to Europe took up to six months, travelling all the way around Africa's Cape of Good Hope. With the introduction of steamships, this journey was significantly shortened, but the first coffee to arrive from these ships lacked depth and flavour. It was discovered that the longer journey, combined with the sea air and humid conditions, caused the coffee to undergo a change.

The monsooning process mimics the six-month journey, allowing the same taste profile to be experienced. Although it doesn't adhere to the usual specialty coffee standards, it offers an exotic flavour that we know you'll love, especially since many of you have been asking us to bring it back for years. Enjoy!

Origin: India 
Producer: Cooperative
Region: South India
Altitude: 1500MASL
Varietal: Kent, S795, Catimor, Selection 9
Process: Natural Monsooning Process
Flavour Profile: Thick Melted Butter and Burnt Caramel with hints of pine and spice.

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