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India - Thalanar Estate "Experimental"

India - Thalanar Estate "Experimental"

Peak Coffee Australia

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Peak Coffee has fostered a deep and fruitful partnership with Uncle Ravi at the esteemed Thalanar Estate for over a decade. This bond has allowed us to explore and introduce exceptional coffees, each capturing the essence of this revered Indian estate.

We're thrilled to unveil a remarkable innovation – an Experimental Natural Coffee from Thalanar Estate.

In our quest to continually elevate the coffee experience, we've embraced a pioneering approach at Thalanar Estate. This avant-garde method goes beyond traditional boundaries. It's a harmonious blend of time-honoured practices with inventive twists, particularly in the sun-drying and fermentation stages. Our coffee cherries are treated with extraordinary care, allowing them to dry naturally under the Indian sun.

This process patiently coaxes out intricate flavours, a symphony of dark fruit, rich chocolate, and subtle plum notes.

Origin: India
Estate: Thalanar Estate
Farmer: Ravichandran Angamuthu "Uncle Ravi"
Region: Valparai, Tamil Nadu
Altitude: 1700MASL
Varietal: SL7 & SL9
Process: Estate Innovative Process

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